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Powerful real estate lead generation through exclusive advertising

Everything you need to take your business to the next level

  • 100% exclusivity
  • Branding
  • Powerful CRM
  • Leads
How HouseHunt Select Works

Why HouseHunt?

  • Higher percentage of quality leads
  • 20 years of online advertising expertise
  • We have made 100's of Realtors® businesses more successful
  • Started by a top producing real estate agent
  • We take a genuine interest in your success
  • Territories are never shared, all leads are exclusive
  • CRM with a massive amount of marketing materials & scripts
  • Designed to be the most powerful part of your business
  • Very affordable solution ot getting more clients

HouseHunt offers something that no other real estate lead generation company does: full, 100% exclusivity.

What does this mean?

This means that no other agent will share a lead with you in your community and all of your unique opportunities are provided with no competition.

We understand that in real estate, the most important factor is separating yourself out from the competition. We intend on being your most profitable business investment.

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Just as out territories are 100% exclusive, we brand you and only you in your chosen community.

Why do we do this?

The better question is how couldn't we. You cannot properly brand yourself as an expert in your community if there are multiple Realtors® in competition with you, even online.

Think about it this way: How will you separate yourself out form the hundreds of Realtors® in your city?

That is the question that our branding system has an answer to.

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You will get our contact management system with your purchase of HouseHunt Select.

If you already use a real estate CRM; think of this as a bonus.

Your HouseHunt Select leads will be automatically dropped into our real estate CRM.

We can export your leads into your preferred real estate CRM.

You can always shop for a real estate CRM separately, but we want to provide you with as many useful tools as we can for the lowest cost possible.

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What do the leads look like?

What kind of information will I be receiving from potential homebuyers?

HouseHunt Select leads require a first and last name, telephone number, and an email address.

What isn't required, but often times added in by the prospect are: special notes for the agent to know, if they are pre-qualified, and a preferred move date.

Our main goal is to connect you with new clients, so we aim for getting as much information as possible.

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customer service

We've heard the horror stories about companies just eating a real estate professionals' money and never talking to them again.

We don't believe in ignoring our customers. Part of what has kept us strong for 20 years is our amazing and extremely attentive customer service deparment.

We want a good relationship with you and your business.

Got a question? Call in or email us. Get a concern? Please, let's work it out and make your business even more profitable.


HouseHunt Premier allows you to enjoy even more benefits of being a customer with us.

With your purchase of Select, you get the option to upgrade to an even more advanced version of HouseHunt that employs the most unique targeted advertising techniques. As a result, you will be receiving more leads and additional branding.

At HouseHunt, we are looking to put more time into your life. We do our best to get you leads that are real people. HouseHunt premier has proven itself as the most quality oriented real estate lead program in existence.

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About Us

  • started in 1995, we've been improving real estate agents' careers for 20 years
  • founded on the core principles making one agent in each community outstandingly profitable
  • We give consumers the opportunity to connect with a local real estate expert when the time is right for them
  • Help agents develop a systematic approach to gaining new business and create methods for consistent prosperity

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Asked Questions




Customer Service



  • How long until I make sales?
    That is up to you. We will provide the leads, training and system. You have to do the work.
  • How long can my subscription be for?
    As long as you like. Our agreements are month to month and can be cancelled at any time. Some of our members have been with us for nearly 20 years.
  • What is expected of me?
    We expect our agents to contact each lead right away and provide professional, timely answers and help to those looking to a buy a home.

“I have found that the leads I receive from HouseHunt are much higher quality than the other lead generation companies I have tried. The price range is higher, and I get all of the leads for the entire community instead of sharing with other agents or getting a percentage of a zip code. I recently received three listings from HouseHunt leads that resulted in one immediate escrow and six total transactions. Not bad for one week.”

- Dennis Glavin

“HouseHunt was instrumental in helping to launch my real estate career.”

Shane Powell -

“HouseHunt is the best for two simple reasons;”

“The integrity of the company and the people at HouseHunt is impeccable!”

“HouseHunt is the only company who provides Exclusive Territories and a complete system to build a clientele.  HouseHunt provides a steady flow of leads, the emails and scripts and training to turn the leads into customers and the systems and tools to turn the customers into sales”.

“Every year we have been with HouseHunt our income has increased.  Real estate is a great business when you have an income stream you can count on”.

- Bruce LaMaster

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