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Total Internet Marketing

A real estate CRM by HouseHunt

Staying organized is a game of life or death when it comes to maximizing your profits. That is why we include our real estate CRM with every purchase of HouseHunt Select. We call our real estate contact management system T.I.M. which stands for Total Internet Marketing. That is exactly what we provide you with; a complete way to stay in contact with all of your incoming leads.

We give you the tools necessary to maximize your profits with our real estate CRM

What's Included in T.I.M.?

Contact management / organization
Postcards and flyers
Training and tips for success
Real time tracking / search analytics
Ability to import and export
Automated drip campaigns
Automated client entry / behavior profile
Mobile accessible

Formulated for conversion

  • Lead automatically drops into TIM
  • Receive text and email alerts of new leads
  • Preset auto drip campaign begins
  • Categorize leads based on where they are in the buying process
  • Contact the lead about their needs / your services
  • Send personalized messages / postcards
  • Continue dripping relevant details about homes based on their search
  • Now that you are established as their agent, you can find their perfect home
  • Continue to send listings via TIM
  • Continue tracking their activity
  • Continue to stay top of mind for your clients by keeping them on your list for sending material
  • Send specialized cards and requests for referrals
  • Send "Good Neighbor Newsletter"

How does it look inside?

TIM homepage

All clients database

Categorize your clients
group clients by type:

  1. Near term buyer
  2. Long term buyer
  3. Near term seller
  4. Long term seller
  5. Past client
  6. FSBO
  7. Expireds
  8. add cutom groups

Why is it important to have a real estate CRM?

When you are looking to create a long term business with a sense of stability, it is vital that you have the right real estate CRM to compliment your follow up tactics. Agents who have real estate CRMs often times have a different perception on how leads turn into sales. Recent studies have shown that agents who have focused on building a sphere of influence by utilizing a CRM increases their entire business, on average, by 38%.

Focus on building a sphere of influence
View all prospects as future clients
Expand your business by thinking long-term

Where do you see yourself?

Joy Bender / Realtor®
La Jolla, CA
I recently closed three sales from my HouseHunt leads totaling nearly $24 million dollars in sales. I have earned over one million dollars in commissions form HouseHunt leads since 2013. HouseHunt is the best system ever for luxury buyers and sellers!
Blair Taylor / Realtor®
Fayetteville, AR
This system is the only system that I found that truly delivers the leads that result in closings. I have been with the system now for nearly 10 years and I would tell anyone to buy their territory without hesitation.
Mary Ellen Vanaken / Realtor®
Alpharetta, GA
HouseHunt is a company I trust for my Internet lead source. My team closes leads from HouseHunt and we love having complete exclusivity of our markets. I like that HouseHunt is Agent centric and truly cares about their agents.

What do I need to know before I get started?

  1. TIM comes free with your membership to HouseHunt Select
  2. We don't leave you with the software and expect you to learn every feature of it. We actually help you lay out a success plan for fully utilizing our real estate contact management system.
  3. Customer Service will always be one call away

What do we envision for you?

We want you to be very organized. It is no secret that structure and preparation is a key factor in real estate success. We created TIM as a straightforward, intuitive, and simple real estate contact management system. Therefore, our vision for our real estate professionals is simple: stay organized, make more transactions, and grow your business.

What area do you service?

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