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Exclusive Real Estate Advertising

Exclusive real estate advertising / exclusive real estate leads by HouseHunt

There is one very important element that HouseHunt will never compromise on: 100% exclusive real estate leads. What does that actually mean though? You hear it all the time, in fact, so much that the entire concept doesn’t even have a precise definition anymore.

So what is our definition of exclusivity? It is very simple. When we have a territory (i.e. Pismo Beach, CA), only one agent gets to have access to the leads that we generate.

Many online real estate advertising companies claim to have exclusive real estate leads, but that is a very loose term and you may very well be sharing the territory with multiple local agents that you are in competition with. A lot of companies in the real estate lead generation realm minimize agents’ success and maximize their own profits. We don’t believe in that. HouseHunt Select has the sole objective of creating one superstar agent per community. That is our philosophy and it has worked very well. So well in fact, that we have been in business for 20 years.

It is our goal to create one superstar agent per community by providing exclusive real estate advertising and leads

How does it work?

A potential homebuyer lands on our national homepage (househunt.com) and searches for homes in the community they desire to live in
Then they can search homes in their selected community
When the potential homebuyer looks at the property details our exclusive agent shows up next to the information
The information of the potential homebuyer is then forwarded to the agent and is dropped into the CRM that we provide the agent with
You have the potential to be displayed on hundreds of listings in your community. Exclusive real estateadvertising creates exclusive real estate leads. You will never share a lead and your community is 100% yours. We don’t give you anything less than the entire community. Ever.

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